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Any fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies will love this game! I will admit I was already a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean but playing this game just made me want to see all the movies again (preferably with Lego characters instead of the actual actors).

Lego games have already become very popular around the world due to the likes of Lego star wars, Lego batman; Lego Indiana jones and even Lego harry Potter. So what makes this game different to any of them? Well in all honesty not much. This Lego game is pretty much the same apart from it being pirate rather than wizards or batman etc.

Lego Pirates of The Caribbean Cover Art

Lego Pirates of The Caribbean is available on X-Box 360, Playstation 3, Sony PSP, PC and Nintendo Wii

The Lego “movie clips” like previous ones are rather comical, for example, before the menu comes up on the screen you get an opening movies sequence which like the start of the movie is Will being pulled on board the ship and Elizabeth realising he is a pirate. In the Lego sequence she punches his parrot, throws away his eye patch and throws away his hook whereas in the actual movie she just hides his pirate medallion. After this opening movie sequence you get taken to the main menu which gives you the option of Story Mode of Free Play (unfortunately you can only play the Free Play once you have completed story mode since the Free Play mode allows you to go back over the levels you have played).

Story Mode takes you through the movies from the start with a lot of added comical movie sequences. Of course if you don’t want to watch the movie sequences you can just skip them and pay the game but I personally would recommend watching them as they are very funny.

For those of you who have played the Lego games before the gameplay is exactly the same. You can change between the characters around you to get different parts of the task done and build up broken Lego models around you too.

My favourite thing about this game was the way they have made the Lego Jack Sparrow just as brilliant as the actual character from the movies (the Lego version even walks the same as him). Clearly a lot of thought has been put into this game to keep the little Lego characters as close to the real characters as possible.

Lego Pirates of The Caribbean Screenshot

Graphically impressive regardless of it being a Lego game

So why play this game? Well really it is for anyone who is a fan of the Lego games and/or a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you enjoyed previous Lego games I would really recommend playing this one too as it kept me hooked from the start.

This game deserves a high score for the thought of characters and because I really enjoyed it but for the originality I will be making it down as it is the same gameplay as previous Lego games (the only difference is the storyline).

If you haven’t played any Lego games or are still a bit unsure if you would enjoy it then download a free demo of the game now from the PlayStation Store, from Xbox Live or you can go on the Lego Videogames website to download a free demo for your PC (not available for Mac).

Game Score: 8/10

Review stolen from a bilge rat and soaked in rum by rainbow

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With today bringing news that sexist commentator Andy Gray has been axed from the next instalment of Fifa 12, I thought this was the best time to start talking about a hotly tipped, high impact, yearly franchised game such as…..well…..Fifa 12.

Fifa 12 Cover Art Concept

Fifa 12 has vast changes not just commentators

So yes Andy Gray has gone, but don’t worry the answer as to his replacement is at the bottom of this review. The other goodish news is that you can choose to have Martin Tyler and his new associate or you can have the comedy commentary of Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend. Now that is a shocker (Unless you owned previous Fifa’s) But onto the actual review

So other than the above statements what has changed in Fifa 12, well we will start with just about everything. The ‘Press’ button has been removed and that now makes defending an actual skill, no more will people be able to hold down a button and a defender nipping the ball away from Messi with virtually no skill needed. Attacking has also been altered with the ability to hold up the ball, closer control with dribbling has also been implemented and more importantly than all those put together is the new ‘Impact Engine.’ In the past a collision would send body parts into an almost laughable manor of limbs going through players, tackles not making a difference how hard you tried to destroy Christiano Ronaldo and you get the idea. Now tackles will make a difference, actual injuries will be made if you try and snap someone’s leg, a collision system that should detect even the best of bumps and concussions.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys

Andy Gray gets dropped by Sky first and now EA. What next?

But for me the best is yet to come, finally the Pro Player Intelligence system that ‘supposedly’ was implemented in Fifa 11 is apparently ready and waiting. So for instance, Peter Crouch will be ready to head the ball into the net, Messi will be able to closely dribble the ball, Drogba will have the strength to hold off opponents, and John Terry will be able to hit on friends girlfriends – Just like in real life.

Well the last one you may not be able to do, but you get the point. But all of this comes at a price, and that price is that if you fell in love with Fifa 11 you have to get used to a whole new different ball game (Pardon the pun). So what do you think? Looking forward to the challenge? Or do you expect a difficult relegation battle? Judging from previous years, I’m making Fifa 12 the bookies favourites and expecting Pro Evo to be relegated to the Bargain bin almost instantaneously.

P.S. The person who is replacing Andy Gray is Alan Smith discuss…

Fifa 12 will be available to purchase on 30th September 2012 for Microsoft X-Box 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP and PC

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Yes it’s true the PlayStation Store came back online a few days ago, 1st June to be precise (In all markets except Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan). And also true is that Sony are now offering their widely covered and much talked about ‘Welcome Back ‘program but wait.

Before you deviate away from this post and onto the PS Store you may want to read our own troubles and tribulations with actually downloading our freebies. Firstly I turned on my Playstation 3, log in to the PlayStation Store and guess what……Error!!!!!

The choice of free games available on the 'Welcome Back' program

Which two do you choose?

It seems Sony has underestimated just how busy there store is going to be as on almost every click I get (After between three and ten attempts to actually enter the store) I get an error message. I mean did Sony actually think that they were going to give people freebies and for maybe ten or twenty people to take up the offer….. Well clearly, yes.

Once you get on though and actually find the freebies, it’s a pretty smooth ride (Or at least for my girlfriend it was). So within minutes she was downloading Ratchet and Clank, one of her favourites that were available and she was happy. However with me…

PlayStation Plus Service

Some of the games that are getting offered through PlayStation Plus seem tame when compared to previous weeks.

Well as documented I got on to the store (Eventually) I tried to download the @Welcome Back’ app that you, for some reason need before you can download anything, and it crashed. So I exited the store, and tried to re-download the app and it vanished.

Yes, that’s right, it vanished. So searching online for anyone else who has had this issue and thankfully I’m not the only person. So as always on GamingBytes we like to try and give you help so if you do face this error and don’t get to download your first game, here’s what Sony tell you to do.

1. On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB

2. Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List

3. Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed

4. Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content”

Source –

Now I’d love to tell you this works, but my girlfriend is currently using my PS3, so I will update the blog, if and when I get the chance to try this, but it does seem a common problem.

So it all seems to be generally working very well, so (For now at least) bravo Sony and let’s hope that when I get the chance to I too will be able to enjoy some free games.

How is your ‘Welcome Back’ content going down? Are you too having problems? Have you had no problems what so ever? And have you had a chance to look at the rather poor and tame selection of PlayStation Plus freebies? Whatever your reaction to the ‘Welcome Back’ program drop us a comment and good luck, you may just need it


UPDATE: I have now checked, this problem of errors during download can be resolved by using the method stated above – happy downloading.

Oh Sonic. That blue hedgehog has been through a lot recently; he was so popular in the early 90s. But recently, it seems developers are trying every gimmick to keep his name alive. Like, “How about we have Sonic run around really fast with a huge sword” or, “Let’s have Sonic run around really fast… and turn into a werewolf”. With all the tricks and gimmicks flying around (including making Sonic turn into colourful blobs) imagine the looks one guy got when he said, “How about we have Sonic run around super fast… and that’s it. Like the old days”. Well they tried that “radical” approach to going back to Sonic’s roots, and brought out Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, the only real sequel to the original games.  Is it as good as the classic platformers?

Sonic 4 Comparison Screenshot

Sonic 4 Comparison - Deceivingly Intriguing (Image from

This 4th instalment is set after the events of Sonic and Knuckles, which came out in 1994. That is a HUGE gap between sequels. The plot involves Dr Eggman (though I prefer Robitnik) surviving the destruction of his Death Egg, and returns to cause more havoc in his usual fashion; capturing little animals and forcing them to power his army of robot killing machines.  Now why would a Sonic game need a plot? You run from left to right as fast as you can, and beat the living daylights out of Robotnik every so often. That should be all. But that’s just my opinion.

There are only 4 levels in this game with the boss level known as the E.G.G Station, each with 3 acts and a boss section, which is pretty typical of a classic Sonic game. I won’t claim it as too much of a negative point as this is episode 1 of the series, so there may be more levels to come. The levels are Splash Hill, Casino Street, Lost Labyrinth, and Mad Gear. I have to say the level designs look really good, and no two levels are really the same. So the imagination from the 90s Sonic is still there.

The control system is as simple as you can make it; run with D-pad, press A to jump (If you’re playing the Xbox Arcade version). How can Sonic Team and Dimps mess this up? I’m saddened to say they have. It feels heavy and unresponsive to control Sonic. Jump and move forward, and it can take an age to go anywhere. This is a huge let down for me, as the controls need to be sharp and fast, to cope with the speeds you’ll reach during the levels… Actually that is false, as the speed is non existent in Sonic 4. In previous Sonic games you can go at a tremendous pace, which gives the player a real buzz at the end.  But in the 4th game, it takes too long to get moving, and when you reach full speed it seems more like a Sunday morning jog than blasting at supersonic speeds. That was the essence of the Sonic games. The speed is the essence. Take out the swiftness and that blue hedgehog is just a regular hedgehog that must be related to a Smurf.  Another thing that annoys me is that the creators gave Sonic a homing dash attack. Pressing the jump button in mid air will make you dash forward, and home in on nearby enemies or jump pads. It’s such a redundant move, as you’ll end up pressing jump when there are no enemies, so you dash forward, breaking the flow of your run, or missing the platform into a ravine, losing a life.

Sonic 4 Fan Art

Unresponsive, Slow, not keywords that are usually connected to Sonic titles

As I said before the levels all look great, but for some reason, Sonic himself seems to look out of place. Yes I am aware that blue on a green area does look out of place, but to me, Sonic looks like he is just pasted onto the game, and not an integral part of the experience. He just looks detached.

I must say I was very disappointed with this game. I wanted this to be great, to try and make up for some of the gimmicks Sonic had to play along with, and that fact I am a fan of the old cartridge games. The only modern Sonic game I have really enjoyed was Sonic Rush on the Nintendo DS. That has the essence of classic 2D platforming. It’s got to be bad when a hand held game beats a console game. Maybe it’s time to let Sonic retire with a cup of hot chocolate, and what little dignity he has left.

Score: 5/10

Review delivered with a heavy heart by: Satchel

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With all the graphical power contained within a PS3 and Xbox, you’d think games today would have nothing but 3D graphics, and shun anything 2D related. But there are games that stick to the 2D illustrative and make it work, particularly with a good storyline and gameplay. One example of this is BalzBlue: Calamity Trigger.

It’s essentially a 2D beat-‘em-up, similar to Street Fighter and King of Fighters; distinguishable characters, over the top moves, and very technical fighting. The controls are simple enough to learn; with the usual light, medium and heavy attacks, plus a ‘drive’ attack. It’s basically an extra attack to combine with the normal moves. And of course you have your over the top special moves, and a fatality-esque “Astral Heat” moves. So fans of Street Fighter will be able to get used to the control scheme. As a player of such games (net very good but good enough to know the gameplay) I would think a relative newcomer would find the controls a bit difficult at first to handle. Additionally, the movement can feel a bit stiff at time, and the moves don’t seem to flow into each other. Marvel vs Capcom 3 managed to make the controls feel fluent and fast pace, but BlazBlue sometimes feels rigid, which is a shame because I enjoy the over the top combat presented.

BlazBlue Cover Art for X-Box 360

BlazBlue Cover Art for X-Box 360 (Also available for PS3)

The premise is about a character called Ragna the Bloodedge travelling to the fictitious city of Kagutsuchi to destroy the government known as the Librarium. The Librarium know of Ragna, given the nickname of “Grim Reaper”, and his intentions, so put the highest bounty ever on his head, to entice warriors from all over to capture him. Now usually I ignore the storyline in a fighting game, as they never go into too much detail, but BlazBlue includes a story mode, so they delve deeper into the world and story of each character. The story mode plays very much like a typical anime, with cheesy voice acting, and random spells of humour mixed in with the drama. My one concern is the cut scenes are usually just an image, and the dialogue played over the top. I would have liked an actual cut scene in between battles, like a clip of the characters acting out the situation. Apart from that I do like the story and the acting, since I am a fan of anime myself.

Graphically, it’s sublime. Each character looks vibrant and unique, the stages are nicely rendered, and the animation flows beautifully. If the controls were as seamless as the graphics, I would have awarded an extra point.

Screenshot from BlazBlue

What does BlazBlue have that Street Fighter doesn't?

Now I was about to rate this game a 7/10, but I kept playing the story mode for a bit, and stumbles a cut scene hidden away in the “Tips” section of the story mode. It was titled “Teach me Ms. Litchi”, Litchi being one of the characters in the game. Soon as I played it I was greeted with another character, Taokaka, saying, “Teach Me Boobie Lady!”. Soon as I head that I literally burst out laughing. Maybe it was the childish side of my brain, but the surprise of it caught me off guard. The scene is basically Litchi being asked to train Taokaka to be a vigilante. The silliness of it reminds me of the humour of anime, which persuaded me to grant it an extra point.

All in all, this is a strong and enjoyable fighter, which offers a nice challenge that keeps you hooked. The one thing I found sad is that you end up choosing characters not because you like the look of them (like Marvel vs Capcom 3) but because you can control them easier compared to the rest of the roster. Apart from that, I do recommend you give this game a look.

Score: 8/10

Review won in a game of Battleships by: Satchel

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