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“Do I look ill to you?” “No Sony you’re just blushing”

After over a month out for the PSN (Playstation Network) and a little longer for the store a lot of people are angry at all that has happened and everyone has their own opinions as to who’s to blame and are all the freebies enough?

Lulz Sec Logo

Lulz Security. Complete w@nk3rs or a security marvel?

Let’s start with where the blame lies – and this is where it gets very complicated… Most people are blaming Sony, saying that they couldn’t have taken enough security precautions otherwise this wouldn’t have happened. Well no security system is 100% secure and by law they must take steps to protect data so that’s not entirely true. With a little bit of research however Sony may be to blame, Hotz (better known to some on the internet as ‘Geohot’) found a way to jailbreak your PS3 and Sony didn’t like this so they took legal action and tried to sue him. To most this wouldn’t seem like something that would have caused all of this but according to a tweet by ‘Lulzsec’ (Lulz Security) on May 27“the beginning of the end” dubbing this whole anti-Sony campaign ‘Sownage’ (A combination of ‘Sony’ and ‘ownage’) and that this is being done in an effort to make up for what Sony did to ‘Geohot’.

It seems Sony could have took a lesson from Microsoft as a teenager from Ireland found a way to circumvent ‘Xbox Live’ and instead of doing what Sony did, they offered to train him further and give him a job at the end to discover any more security flaws they had.

Sony Make Believe Logo

Sony might wish that this latest attack was just make believe

The newest attck to Sony Pictures, Sony BMG and Sony BMG Japan/Netherlands they stole over 1,000,000 users’ data and around 79.000 download coupons, the worst part is that all of these items were stored by Sony as plain text (a .txt file) so as soon as LulzSec entered they got what they were looking for. A tweet from 3rd June “I hear there’s been some funny scamming with jacked Sony accounts. That’s what you get for using the same password everywhere. #LulzLesson” looking at the ‘release’ most of the accounts are from people who were born in the 20s to the 40s so if the tweet is true, it’s a shame someone is abusing people who may be more vulnerable.

When Lulz Sec hit PBS

This is what Lulz Sec did when they hit

At this moment no-one knows how long this will last for or what may get hacked next and for some I’m sure this will be worrying; all I can say for the moment is change any passwords you may have with a Sony subsidiary (apart from one’s you’ve been forced to; unless you really want to) one of the more shocking tweets from LulzSec posted on May 31 – the start of all this and the first tweet with #Sownage is this: “#Sownage comes when we release the lulz. If you want it faster, go hack something yourself. Cruising at a steady pace, fresh and calm.”

Will we see more hacks in the next few days? Will LulzSec bring down Sony? Do you think that Sony’s lawsuit was the catalyst? We’d like your comments.

Written with a lot of Lolsearch by Adz

P.S. Since this article has been written Nintendo servers have also been hacked, not to the same extent as Sony but still. More can be read on the BBC website here Nintendo’s Blushes and soon we will also have an article on that so watch this __________


Whilst the rest of the world are going Portal crazy we thought we’d be different and instead review Vitua Tennis 4 World Tour (Don’t worry, a Portal 2 review will be coming soon…….ish)

Now similarly to my Tiger Woods Golfing review, I haven’t played a tennis game for absolutely ages, so when I got the chance to try out virtua tennis 4 world tour I was happy to oblige. The first thing I noticed is how much the game seems to have evolved, whilst at the same time remain accessible for those who are quite casual as well as hardcore gamers. Even one of the levels of difficulty is a casual setting which is a big plus, if you’re like me and do a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday job.

Virtua Tennis 4 Cover Art

Virtua Tennis 4 available for PS3, X-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii from April 29th

So how has this game evolved exactly well firstly it’s got quite a good create a player mode (Which you start off doing) and probably has more features then I can care about (Why would I care how far apart my eyes are as an instance) Secondly there’s a story mode, a fairly good one at that. You start off playing in Japan and are meant to work your way around the globe to become champion. Whilst doing that you have a variety of ‘events’ or ‘training sessions’ to go to and of course there’s the mandatory ‘autograph signings’ to endure/enjoy on your way. All in all the story mode seems to have it down to a tee (Oh no wait that’s golf).  Also available on the full version (Still waiting for that call from Sega offering me a game on the full version) will be the ability to use the PS Move which, despite flagging sales reports this week, still has a major part to play in Sony’s future. If done correctly this could finally be a reason for me to buy a PS Move, if done like the Wii maybe not (Unfortunately early reviews of this seem to say that it’s closer to Wii Sports than anything wildly different) And with game modes like World Tour, Arcade, Exhibition, Practice, Party (Not playable so unreviewable) Motion Play and the expected Network modes there’s plenty there for people to shake a stick (Or racket) at. But  this all seems a fairly alien concept to me, especially since the last time I played a tennis game Anna Kournakova was still a tennis sensation. But I like it because it actually gives the game some merit, and if your change the difficulty after beating the game, gives it some replay value.

These are all excellent points, but remember when I said it has evolved in some areas and not in others, here’s the other;  the controls seem very stiff and it doesn’t seem to matter how fast you press the buttons or not. In real life if you swing too early you have the possibility of missing it and if you swing too late then the ball boy is picking the ball up off the ground.  It can seem like an eternity to go through the story mode especially since you have to use so called ‘Tokens’ to move through the game, which can be annoying if you wanted to sign some autographs but couldn’t ‘cos your tokens don’t/won’t let you. The opposition seem dumbfounded at times, looking around gormlessly for the ball that had zipped past them two hours ago. However, this may be because I was playing on casual, although a lot of other reviewers have the same opinion. The controls are very similar to the games I played back in the late 90’s press this button, aim it overs there, run over there, get ready for return etc. But of course how can you change the controls radically without getting some critical acclaim from someone.

The graphics however are quite spot on, on more than one occasion I thought my girlfriend had sat on the remote and I was somehow watching Wimbledon in the Spring.

Virtua Tennis 4 Screenshot

Looking at this it's easily clear how good the garphics are

There will no doubt be those of you who say well tennis is boring to watch, why would I want to play it? Well cricket is boring to watch but Brian Lara Cricket was a very playable game, and so is this. I can actually imagine myself playing it on casual and then switching the difficulty level up and trying to beat Nadal on the pro difficulty. I used to get bored of tennis games with great ease but this one made me want to play so much more than any of them ever used to, and that playability is something lacking in most video games these days.

So to sum up, this game offers a lot for its money (Or will do on its impending release) not to mention the online abilities that are sure to be another reason to hone your skill and play this game again and again. Even the seriousness of some of the flaws that it has can be made up because the game impresses you on so many other levels and in so many other places (Gameplay for example)

Even the demo (Available on the PSN for all members now) allows you to play for a fair amount of time (Enough to make you realise if you want the game or not) and possibly even more interesting, allows you to keep your save game data, and will transfer it into the full game if you buy it.

I have to say I am very impressed with Sega’s new breed of tennis games, and with the lead development team being shifted back to Sega’s Japan division, it’s easy to see the difference (Not that I’m saying Sega of America or Sega of Europe couldn’t hack it).

So, should you but it?? Should I buy it?? Are you going to buy Portal?? Or did you just stumble upon this on your downtime whilst playing Portal?? The answer to all four questions is probably yes. I mean I think I will buy it, If you like tennis you should probably buy it, if you’re going to buy Portal then this review is possibly of no use to you, and if you are reading this on your downtime away from portal well then you probably can’t even see the words ‘cos you’ve been on portal all day.

The Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour demo is available now on PS3 only. The game is due for release on the 29th of April for all major consoles.

Score: 8/10

Made from the finest Columbian lighter fluid by: parkergordon

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If you remember in my first ever review, I thought the Dynasty Warriors series never really offered anything new, and that it was rehashing the same things with better graphics. Well, after scouring the internet, I found the official site to Dynasty Warriors 7, and it seems I am not the only one who thought that; KOEI may have actually listened to gamers, as DW7 looks to have been given the much needed enhancements.

Dynasty Warriors 7

For the first time in the history of the game Dynasty Warriors now has a Story Mode

You are all aware the game is set during the Three Kingdoms era (based on the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms). Well now they’ve extended it to include the Jin Dynasty, which came after the wars between Wei, Wu and Shu. This means they have added a new kingdom: Jin. This I’m looking forward to, since I wanted more settings than just the same plots done again and again. And the player gets to find out what happens after the fall of the Three Kingdoms, when Sima Yi (the cunning Wei strategist) takes over and starts the Jin Dynasty. Another kingdom means more characters, meaning more methods of decimating thousands of lowly soldiers (joy).

Reading further into the site, KOEI claim that cut scenes blend seamlessly into the gameplay. So you could be watching a scene where a character charges through a forest, stops by the enemy camp, and you can now start the mayhem straight away. No more blackouts that take you away from the experience.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Case Artwork

Dynasty Warriors 7 will be available on the PS3 and the X-Box 360 from the 8th April

According to the site, characters can use a wide variety of weapons; from swords, to spears, to axes, for example. You can additionally equip two weapons, and switch between them on the fly to deal greater damage, a technique known as a “switch attack”. Now this is pretty good, as you now have a much bigger move set at your disposal, but I liked how the characters had their own weapons; like Sima Yi had his claws, Xiahou Dun has the mace, and Zhuge Liang uses a fan. I’m on the fence with this feature, so I won’t make any judgements until I see the game.

One of the biggest additions is Conquest Mode. This looks promising, as you can travel through ancient China, battling for dominance. It allows you to visit cities, recruit new allies, create new weapons, and so on. This is what DW was lacking I felt; just to have the chance to travel the country, and visit towns, as well as taking part in epic battles is what might add more enjoyment to the game.

I do enjoy the series, but I have never been one to look forward to their release, mostly because I know there wasn’t going to be anything new. But after reading up on the 7th game, I am now quite excited. The full review will come when the game is released, on the 8th of April.

Stay tuned, Gamers.

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So, once again during my dinner break I came across this

My first opinion is why would we buy it, especially if you already own a PSP? I once owned a PSP and hardly used it. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have the time, maybe I prefered to play on a big screen TV whatever the case was I sold it less than 12 months after buying it.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Handset

The future of gaming? The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play handset

Yes, of course if you needed a new phone then this would kill two birds with one stone. But whilst most people were wondering if Sony were going to release a PSP phone, i doubt this is how many people thought it was going to happen.

The first major downfall is that you’re not going to be able to play just any PSP game you like. As a matter off fact the likelihood is that you will only be able to play games that Sony wants you to. Secondly, they’re marketing this product as ‘The first gaming smartphone’ May I remind Sony that just about any phone that is considered a smart phone has the ability to play games. Some companies, such as Apple as an instance have a huge library of games, most of which are or have free versions available. And of course lets not forget the Nokia N-Gage, whilst it was technically not a smartphone, it did have real video games on it and eventually it became a gimmick, a fad if you will.

So will I be getting one? The short answer is no. I have a Nintendo DS and if I had the real need to play games on the move, then a quick game of Paper Toss is more than enough to keep me going. However, if my next phone contract offered me an ‘Xperia Play’ I may take up the offer just for the fact that I would have the ability to pay PS1 games if I wanted to.

What do you think? A gimmick? Is Sony trying to bite off more than it can chew by adding yet another gaming product to an already busy marketplace? Whats your thoughts?