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Mario hammering Donkey Kong

Mario this time using tools (Such as hammers) to defeat his foes.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix Mario with Lemmings? Well this game is just that.

In each level you have a few mini Marios that you need to get safely home, but of course, it is not that simple, there are a series of obstacles you need to get your Marios past.

Using your DS touch screen you can make your Mario walk, jump or go back to stationary, but be careful, if a moving Mario bumps into a stationary one both will start moving in different directions. This can cause a lot of chaos in the game especially as I tried to press a Mario to make him stop moving and then he bumped into another Mario and they were all just running anywhere.

When playing this game you will notice a letter in each level and if you collect them all they spell out ‘minimarios’ at the top of your touchscreen in each world. Collecting all of these letters will unlock a mini game at the end of the world for you to play before moving on to battle against Donkey Kong.

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis Cover Art

A mini adventure? Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

This game is good I do like it especially since you can just pick it up and play it for a long or as little time as you wish but I do feel it requires quite the level of concentration, you really need to think about what route to get your Marios home and how to overcome the obstacles.

Although this game is only just being advertised now it has actually been available since 2006!

Admittedly the mini Marios are cute but it would be better if you could pick a different character (perhaps mini Yoshis?) and I feel the battles with Donkey Kong are not much of a battle. In the first world, for example, you fire your little mini Marios at Donkey Kong and that is pretty much the battle. A bit too simple for my liking.

There is a lot that could be improved in this game, but for anyone who just likes a puzzler this game is perfect. For those who like Mario but don’t fancy thinking about the game, I would recommend just sticking to Mario Kart.

Score: 7/10

Review by: Rainbow

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