Hi and welcome to Gaming Bytes

Collectively the people who write on this blog are some of the finest gamers I know and have probably clocked more time on Call of Duty then they have sleeping, eating and generally living.

Our girlfriends are sick of us, but that just makes us want to play more. We are so good at Fifa that we actually think that we should be playing up front for England rather then Darren Bent.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we live and breath video games. I myself started from when  I was only little and owned a Sega Master System, unaware that one day I would be playing games that were so realistic, I would live them.

We will be posting video game news, reviews, cheap offers and anything we think is worth noting. So check back regularly and leave a comment if you see something that interests you or if you have anything of value to say.

And remember your girlfriends are only upset at you playing COD because they can’t match your ability. Only joking 😉

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